Friday, March 21, 2014

Fitness 5 Friday: 5 ways to flavor your water

This has been probably one of the most exhausting weeks I've experienced since Micah's college graduation, but it's been a rewarding week. Something I've been working on this week has been drinking more water...I've realized that I need to drink more water. You might be saying, "Yeah, me too, but water is boring." Well, that's where making my own water flavors has kept me from losing interest in keeping hydrated! I prep these foods, and then place them in a pitcher, or you can by an infusion pitcher. I love mine!
Here's my top 5 flavors:

1. Cucumber and lemon - clears complexion, de-bloats
2. Raspberries - antioxidants
3. Lime and ginger - soothes and achy tummy and freshens breath
4. Watermelon - helps flush toxins
5. Mixed berries - a healthier alternative to gatoraid

These additives are all natural. Just slice as needed and add them to a pitcher of water. Chill and then serve! What's your favorite healthy water additive?

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