Monday, July 14, 2014

Oh Sweet Heavens: A Delicious Brownie Review

Hi I hope you've had an awesome Saturday! We all love treats even, the "cleanest" of eaters, but did you know that you can have healthy desserts and eat them too? But before I delve any further, I just want to let you know that while I did receive free product in exchange for this post, the careful evaluation and opinions are my own.
Jillian Lama, the owner and creator of Oh-Sweet-Heavens bakery strives to create allergen-free deserts that are full of healthy Omega-3's, protein, and nutrients that we all know we should be consuming. I was thrilled when she contacted me about reviewing her mini brownie sampler, because as many of you know...I LOVE making healthy desserts! I loved getting the box of mini brownies in the mail, and Jillian took special care to make my sampler gluten free, no bad side effects from these cute little morsels of walnutty and caramel-filled goodness. I was concerned at first that they would be dry, because as all of  you g-freeers know, baking for us is both art and exact science. These brownies were not only moist, but definitely had a real, dark chocolate sugary, fake chocolate, so if you are expecting super-sweet brownies, be fore-warned. I really did enjoy them though, and they tasted amazing with a cup of almond milk They had a great rich taste, and no strange aftertaste, as I've experienced with other desserts.
Jillian makes these samplers with any specifications you may desire....Egg allergies? No problem. Gluten free? No problem. And she also makes doughnuts, and a variety of other baked goods. I could also tell through our correspondence that she's passionate about what she does, which I find to be the biggest plus. You know that when you order from business like her's you're going to see even better product development down the road. Also, Oh-Sweet-Heavens Bakery is in Jacksonville, North Carolina, so for those of you in-state, when you order from Jillian, you're going to be supporting an NC-grown business. Oh, and she's a military wife, and I am all for military and their spouses starting businesses.I personally plan to order from Oh-Sweet-Heavens in the very near future, and can't wait to try their doughnuts. To see the full line of Jillian's products, click on Oh-Sweet-Heavens.
These were soooo yummy! :)


Bon Appetit!

Julie Auler

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