Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Workout Wednesday: Seated Row tutorial

Hi There! Happy Workout Wednesday! Today I'd like to highlight an exercise that will help keep your back strong and healthy, as well as review how my workouts are going this week!  I'm really happy about the way this week has gone so far. I've been leading my first challenge group as a coach and am really enjoying my results from the 21 Day Fix! Because of our busy schedules, and eating g-free, we needed something to keep us on track, and so far, the workouts and shakeology have been amazing!!!!! I've lost over 1" in my hips and 1" in my waist. I can see my muscles, not bones, and the nutrition plan leaves me feeling energized... I'm officially no longer addicted to caffeine! I wanted to post "after" pics already, but Micah said, "Wait, the best is yet to come". REALLY?!  Where was this when I was getting ready for my wedding and didn't have time to plan my own workouts? I love this, and if you check out my 21 Day Fix page on the blog you can see the challenge pack for yourself. :) This week has been really fun, and exciting, and for all you Northerners, don't hate, but we had freezing rain, sleet, and ice the other day, so I got a day off! But, I will be working Saturday morning...

Today's post is a part of my "Strength Training 101" series. Today we're going to be talking about bent and seated rows. I'm using bands for the video, but please feel free to use weights. This is a back exercise that is great for all fitness levels, and strengthens your shoulders, and upper to mid back muscles.  Watch the video, and tell me your thoughts! What's your favorite upper body strength training move? Comment below!

See you on Friday!



  1. These are one of my favorite strength training exercises, I think because of how easy it is to get your back looking super ripped because of the lack on that part of the body :)

  2. I usually do standing rows with the tube with the door attachment.. I like how you do it bent over. Thanks for visiting WOW.

  3. Honestly and personally I hate bands and prefer hand weights but I will do standing rows in a MINUTE! You are right, excellent for the back.

  4. Thank you for stopping by this week's WOW Link Up!