Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Christmas Shopping Simplified! Affordable Gift-Giving Options For Fit People! (And Those Who Want to Be)

It is upon us! I'm not really into the commercialism aspect of the holidays. Christmas is not something that Micah and I go into debt over. We'd rather focus on making memories. Oftentimes, we make homemade gifts, and those are some of the best gifts I've given through the years. We have lots of fit friends, and enjoy giving because it blesses others, not because we have to compete. I will be doing a local business post listing business run by people I know that really offer great products/services, that your friends and family will really enjoy, but today's theme is frugal gift giving. Here's a list of affordable and high-quality brands that  I highly recommend for your fitness friends!

Disclaimer: Some but not all products in this post do contain affiliate links, which compensate me a percentage of your purchase amount. However, I do really love these brands or I wouldn't mention them in this post. Thanks for supporting Grace, Lace, and Iron!

 1 Beachbody's Semi-Annual Sale: So, it starts today at 5 p.m. The entire P90X Series is drastically marked down as well as programs from Shaun-T and Chalene Johnson. The last sale they had sold out really quick, so I wouldn't wait on this one. There's also fitness apparel and equipment on sale!

 2. Natalie Jill Fitness: This lady has some awesome cookbooks, and workouts. She's down-to-earth and friendly, and knows her stuff. You can read my review of her Rev-4 workout dvd on this blog. Her Stay Lean III Cookbook is awesome too! You could even have these downloads sent via email to someone. Or create a fitness binder for them from one of her e-books.

3. Oh-Sweet-Heavens: Jillian is NC-based and specializes in allergen-free desserts. They taste amazing too! She also ships, and her products hold up well over shipping. I love her brownie sampler. This is perfect for anyone on your list who you won't get to see over the holidays!

4. Nak'd Raw Bars: $9.99 + shipping for a box of 13. They taste great too. I loved reviewing this product. They have so many flavors too!

5. Mash-Up Conditioning DVD - 7 -  15 min. workouts that use minimal equipment. You will sweat! You can read my review on this dvd Here.

6. Petal and Stem Wrist-Hugger or Hip-Hugger: This is a great gift for a group fitness instructor, or really anyone who travels, it's a pouch that stores your your id, some, cash and car key. I have one and love it! I've reviewed this product as well!

7. Cross Rope. Girls Gone Sporty introduced me to these nifty ropes. That are customizeable, Choose the thickness of the rope, along with the weight of the handles, and you have a high quality jump rope you'll be using for years. Use the code GGSCROSS for a discount.

8. Oh and just a side note, the products in my selz store will be 50% off until next monday, so this would be a great idea for those of you needing healthy recipe ideas to take to gatherings, or making fitness notebooks for your friends! julieauler.selz.com

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