Wednesday, July 1, 2015

For the Dudes!

It was national men's health month! LOL I'm super late with this post, but I didn't want to leave the dudes out.

My husband is pretty good at taking care of his health, he goes for yearly checkups and eats nutritious food and exercises. He also tries to keep up with how his overall health is doing and manage his stress levels.

I know we talk a lot about how women juggle busy schedules, but men are busy too. Need a way to keep up with health screenings and check-ups? Here's a cool graphic to help you!

See the graphic below. Thanks to Oscar Insurance for providing this cool graphic that helps de-mystify all those yearly check-ups! They are a new type of health insurance provider in NJ and NY, moving into Cali and Texas soon, that offers many services that help their members take better control of their health, for example their Doctor on Call service. Through the Oscar app, their members can speak directly with their doctor with the Doctor on Call service with any health questions they may have, without having to make an appointment or even leave their house!

Eating right and exercising is important for your health guys. It also relieves stress, and who doesn't need to alleviate the symptoms of stress. If you need healthy lunch or dinner ideas or even workouts for when you just can't get to the gym, check out these posts. 

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Quinoa: A Recipe Round-up:

Enjoy your day! 


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