Wednesday, October 16, 2013

More Core...Than You Originally Thought

So, It's midweek. Usually, This is my day of the week where I really blast my core, which involves a lot of integrative exercises, using multiple muscle groups. Usually there is some type of ridiculous balance exercise involved. But I promise my entire body feels more toned once I get the training for this group out of the way! Some people love training abs...I used to, but now I enjoy training legs more, so to keep it fun, many times I train abs and glutes together. You might be thinking...really, isn't that time-consuming, it's really not. Besides, by training this way, I ensure good posture and balance on both sides of my body. Which helps prevent injury. Besides, glutes are part of your core too, this often overlooked muscle group can cause severe back pain in people who don't train properly. The other muscles people don't think of: lower abs. If you don't train them, forget a six pack. their connected to your upper abs and your obliques, and inner thighs. Think planks with any kind of leg movement. One thing to be mindful of, pun intended, is to put your mind into the muscle. Knowledge is power, so think about contracting the muscle you want to work during the exercise. I promise you'll get better results.

I usually train straight-set/ consecutive sets for 2 weeks, then superset for 2 weeks, and then circuit or HIIT for 2 weeks. Depending on whether or not I'm looking for strength or long lines. This is what a sample core workout looks like for me. I've trained this way for awhile and it works.

Warm-up: 1min.   marching knee lifts

3x 12-20 hip lifts

3x 12-15 side reach throughs  (each side) with top leg lifted. This can be done from plank position

3x 3-8 plank straddles each side (This one should not be rushed through.) You can even try this move on hands and knees.
 3x 12-20 reverse crunches
 Try this routine. You'll be breaking a sweat and on your way to stronger core in no time! Think of your core as a belt which goes all the way around when you choose your exercises, and you'll be much more functionally fit!

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