Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday 5 and a Yummy Dinner Idea

Hi Everyone! It's my last post of the week before I head to South Carolina for the weekend! I'm very excited because it's my dad's birthday weekend! So Micah and I are packing up Orion and headed to SC. That said, I've had a busy week, and the 5 ways I've been active are

1. Working glutes and shoulders on Monday. (Ultimate Booty Workouts - Phase 1) and teaching Aqua Zumba ®
2. Circuit workout from
3. Taking pics for and doing the Total-Body Tone Up I posted on Wednesday. See below for pics.
4. A Cardio Killer Workout
5. Packing and Cleaning house for our trip this weekend...oh and Doing Monday's glute workout again, and teaching a tabata class!

Oh and by the way, I experimented with spaghetti squash. Here's what I did: 
1 lg. spaghetti squash roasted at 400 for 30 min. 
1 jar of organic, low-sugar tomato sauce
1 c. of cooked lentils...I don't soak them, but I do rinse them very thoroughly before I cook them.
After the sauce was warm and lentils were cooked, I combined the two. The result, a yummy meatless meal high in protein and filling fiber! It was a hit at our family gathering! 

Have a wonderful weekend, we're supposed to have weather in the 60's where I'm going, so YAY!!!! :)


  1. Hi, i'm visiting from the link up! Great workouts! Have fun in SC!

    1. Thanks girl! I post a workout every Wednesday or Friday!

  2. I have to try out that circuit workout, thanks for sharing! Have a great time in SC!!

  3. Thanks for visiting! you should check out Wednesdays circuit workout post!

  4. I ate lentils and spaghetti squash this week too! Just not together, separate meals. They're both super healthy. And I have to admit, I've never heard of Aqua Zumba. I'm intrigued.

  5. Great workouts! Yay for successful spaghetti squash recipes!

  6. I have to try the spaghetti squash idea! I cooked one once, it wasn't a huge hit with anyone but me, I loved it.